Chris Shockowitz

Chris Shockowitz was born and raised in sunny California. At age ten, he discovered science fiction at the local library, where he read the Lensmen Series by E. E. Doc Smith and fell in love with the genre. Chris graduated from San Jose State University with a business degree and worked at Intel for twenty-five years, starting as a software developer and retiring early as a Director of Application Development. At Intel, Chris was recruited to participate in many projects designed to envision future products or services. One of his favorite phrases is, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Viewing List for June 2019

Placerville, CA Observatory JUNE 2019 VIEWING LIST The Placerville Observatory is Celebrating Our 14th Year of Public Observing The Placerville Community Observatory is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night for free. Stop by between 8:30 and 10:00 pm. Objects By Scope Size Object         Type Size Distance   Coordinates Large Scopes  NGC3628*   Gal […]

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Trappist-1 Location

Trappist-1 is located a little under 40 Light Years from Earth. On a galactic scale, we are so close that both systems are located within the red dot in this picture. Both systems are located on the Orion Spur between the Perseus and Sagittarius Arms of our galaxy. Fun fact, I have a star named

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