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Chris Shockowitz was born and raised in sunny California. He grew up exploring the fields, creeks, and hills of northern San Jose before the housing boom. At age ten, he discovered science fiction at the local library. First he read the Lensman series by E. E. Doc Smith and fell in love with the genre. Then he read all the classics like Asimov, Clark, Heinlein, and many more.

Chris worked at many different jobs before graduating from San Jose State University with a business degree. Then he worked at Intel for twenty-five years, starting as a software developer and retiring early as a Director of Application Development. At Intel, Chris was recruited to participate in many projects designed to envision future products or services. One of his favorite phrases is, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Another is, “Bad News doesn’t get better with age.”

Chris and his wife Carolyn are blessed with two wonderful children. He loves the outdoors and goes hiking or mountain biking every week. He enjoys writing and hopes to complete two science fiction series within three years.

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