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Classic Science Fiction by Chris Shockowitz

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Science Fiction became my passion when I found my first Sci Fi book at the public library. I had watched the Apollo 11 launch, moon landing, and return to Earth in 1969, but I didn’t get the urge to read Sci Fi until I was ten years old. I started with E. E. Doc Smith’s The Lensman Series and loved it. I then read Arthur C. Clark – Rendezvous with Rama, Dan Simmons – Hyperion, Frank Herbert – Dune, Isaac Asimov – Foundation Trilogy, Larry Niven – Ringworld, Joe Haldeman – Forever War, and so many more. My books follow in their footsteps.


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Reporter Amber van Hosteen and CIA agent Jeff Smith discover atrocities against humanity that appear to be only a test run for what is to come. It’s an alien plot on an unimaginable scale, decades in the making, and if they don’t stop it, within months, a new holocaust will be unleashed upon all of humanity—the Silent Invasion.


Book cover Colonizing Trappist

To survive, humanity must colonize Trappist, the nearest habitable star system, 40 light years away. The scout ship Exo-1 discovers the ruins of an alien civilization and another life form wants this strategic location too. Can humanity win the race to colonize Trappist as they struggle with separatists and betrayal, while preparing for an alien attack?

Each book I read got me thinking about how big our galaxy really is and all the amazing stories that were possible. After graduating from High School, I decided to go to San Jose State and pursue a physics degree. I had to work my way through college by working days, going to class at night, and studying on weekends. It took me ten years to graduate. Then I found a great job at Intel Corporation, got married, and raised a family.

After my career was on track and my kids were a little older, I started reading Sci Fi again. I could often be found reading a thick book on an Intel corporate jet or a commercial airliner. I traveled a lot!

In all this time I never thought about writing a book. Then is 1999 I started researching the conflict in Rwanda. I couldn’t understand how two tribes that lived in harmony for over 400 years could turn to genocide in less than a decade. As I researched similar events I realized how common it was in human history for a leader to capitalize on turmoil and kill thousands or millions of people.

Then, one night in 2000, I was up late watching old Twilight Zone reruns and the next morning I remembered a dream. It was then I came to the realization that no alien species need ever risk their own lives to invade the Earth when we are so willing to kill each other. All they need is an Illuminati. They don’t even need to expose themselves to a single human being.

This is the core concept of Silent Invasion, my first book in the Zalthuras Series which explores a shocking first contact scenario. Colonizing Trappist is the first book in the Outward Bound Series which takes place about one hundred years later and follows an explorer’s journey across our galaxy. Each of my books explores humanity’s journey into space and the ways we need to evolve to survive. These stories are filled with action, discovery, adventure, non-Hollywood aliens, and all technology is feasible for the timeline. I write clean novels without graphic violence, swearing, sex, or nudity so that an 11 year old can read them. I hope you enjoy my books and check out my blog.