Shockowitz Sci Fi 2019 April News Letter

Chris Shockowitz

Happy April

Welcome the the Shockowitz Sci Fi April 2019 newsletter.

Your source for everything about our Shocking Universe.

April has been exciting!

  • The video Trailer is now out for Silent Invasion. Take a look.
  •  I’ve started my newsletter. Ta Da!
  • I have two author interviews in the works. I’ll post them in the May newsletter.
  • My partner, Patrick Snow, and I have created an online academy to help anyone learn how to become a bestselling author. You can learn more here.
  • My Author Facebook page and Group are up and live. The page link is here. To join the group, click the Visit Group button from the page or follow this link and click the join group button.

In Other News ...

I have become a docent at the Placerville Community Observatory where I will be teach visitors about astronomy and our 15 inch and 17 inch Newtonian Reflector telescopes while exploring our solar system, galaxy, and the great beyond. I’ll post my schedule on my author Facebook page once I know it. Stop by if your in the neighborhood and want to learn more about our galaxy. 


I’m starting a contest on my Facebook Page.
The winners will have their name added as a character in my new book, Earth’s Zero Hour, that will be out this summer.
Visit my Facebook Page to participate and join my group if your into space and technology.

I Could Use Your Help?

Reviews are the best way to help a new author. If you click the DOWNLOAD button below, you can download a review form that will help you gather your thoughts and write a simple review. 

Then post the review on the store you purchased the book from or send it to me through my contact page and I will publish it on my website. Since reviews are soooo hard to get, I made a simple three step process below. It only takes 5 minutes. Thank you!

2. Fill out this simple form, then put together the pieces you just wrote to create a simple review. Don’t forget the stars.

3. Post your review where you bought the book. You’ll need to scroll down to find the link to post a review. It is near other reviews.

Amazon              – Colonizing Trappist: Click Here               Silent Invasion: Click Here

Barnes & Noble – Colonizing Trappist: Click Here               Silent Invasion: Click Here

My Site: Click Here

Did You Know?

Authors like me that do not have big name publishing contracts only receive a few pennies per book when you buy them through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. That’s right. I make less than 17 cents per copy, so please buy from my website if you can. 

I have hard cover and eBook versions for Colonizing Trappist and Silent Invasion on my website. I also have a new Audio Book for Silent Invasion. You can buy eBooks from my website thru My audio books are available almost everywhere Audio books are sold. Signed hard cover books are always available through my website

April has more than just Easter?

National Poetry Month

Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Month

2 – International Children’s Book Day

2 – Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday

4 – School Librarian Day

7 – 13 – Library Week

11 – National Library Worker’s Day

12 – Beverly Cleary’s birthday

13 – Scrabble Day

15 – Rubber Eraser Day

16 – National Librarian Day

16 – National Bookmobile Day

18 – Celebrate Teen Literature Day

18 – Newspaper Columnists Day

23 – Shakespeare’s birthday

23 – World Book Day

24 – On this day in 1800, the U.S. Congress approved purchasing books to start the Library of Congress.

27 – Independent Bookstore Day

27 – Tell a Story Day

28 – Great Poetry Reading Day

29 thru May 5 – Children’s Book Week

30 – Children’s Book Day


Well that's all for this month!

If you have ideas about things you’d like to see in this news letter, let me know via email, text, or Facebook and I’ll see what I can make happen. 

Have a happy April!